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That voice sure does fly, no need for accompaniment when there is such grandeur and soul without embellishment. The melancholy is clear but so is the soaring character of a persona who won't be taken down, a powerful rendering of what it means to let that fire that resides within be the beacon for a life best lived. This is inspirational stuff, a purity of spirit and of course talent. 'Mess' is at once simple and full of grandeur. Remarkable.” - Kevin Hugger


New York singer/songwriter  Amelie Lucille reveals a singularly powerful voice and a sincere love for her classic musical lineage in her songs.  Amelie may be 15,  but the influence of pivotal artists like The Cure, Cocteau Twins, Björk, and The Sundays runs deep in her moody, emotion-heavy music. She truly embodies the spirit and meaning of an 'old soul'. This love for expressive alternative and gothic artists informs Amelie's creative approach, one she gives her whole being to.

Confessional, intimate and musically captivating throughout, her music is a must-listen for fans of storytelling artists like Lana Del Rey, Norah Jones or Cat Power who freely reach into the shadow for inspiration. It's little surprise Amelie Lucille is fast becoming a sought-after live act, regularly performing across New York at iconic venues like The Bitter End.