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About the song:


“Swim in my tears because you built the pool" 

One singular lyric that defies “Pool”

Song explores the feeling of being used but not being able to leave because of the chokehold the person you love still has on you. 

Actions speak louder than words and when you realize that, the process of letting go can begin.

Pool is a testament of standing up for yourself after allowing someone to mistreat you for way too long.



More Info:


Artist name: Amelie Lucille

Location: New York, New York

Release title: Pool

Release Date: 5/17

Label: Independent

Arrangement by Amelie Lucille

Producer: Joel Arnow

Sound engineer: Joel Arnow

Mixing: Joel Arnow 

Musicians: JP Ruggieri - pedal steel , Carolin Pook - violin, Amelie Lucille - guitar

Mastering: Dan Millice 


Genre(s): Indie Pop, Adult Contemporary


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Artist Biography: 


Amelie Lucille, 15 year old New York singer/songwriter.

Her deep, emotional voice precedes her age.

Student at famous LaGuardia High School, Amelie Lucille passion for music started at 7 years old with Christmas gifted piano lessons and parents introduction to artists like Etta James, Bjork, Norah Jones and the Beatles. 

Amelie Lucille released her debut self-titled album on June 15th 2023. “Pool” is her third single release out 5/17.

She is a frequent performer at the legendary Bitter End as part of The Urban Garage series.


“Pool” Lyrics


let the light in

under your skin
it bleeds through
 love what i fear
swim in my tears
cause you built the pool
use up my lungs
when you stop breathing
and when you’re done
it’s no use
take up my life
like it means nothing
it’s always the hurt ones i lose
run through my hair
watch as i stare
you never mind
looosing my head
after what’s said
when the lights go out
open your eyes
now you see clear
for the first time
i’m not there
you always lied
now we’re even
but even still means that we’re through
you scream

for me